• Title:Radio Silence (Explicit)
  • Artist:Zella Day
  • Album:Radio Silence (Explicit)
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    Radio Silence (Explicit) - Zella Day
    Lyrics by:Alex Casnoff/Zella Day
    Composed by:Alex Casnoff/Zella Day

    Born in the valley '85
    You took me to the guest house
    Where your friends would all skip class and get high
    You're rollin' up the windows
    Now you're pourin' me wine in your jacuzzi
    You want your sex more like the movies
    So I buy the book on Kama Sutra to get you screamin' Hallelujah
    Hold my body can you feel it
    I've been tryna keep a secret
    Down I'm tryna shake the spirit out
    Radio radio radio radio
    In silence
    You sent me a picture of your doorstep
    Of your key and where to find it
    Back of your closet in your best pants
    Thе cash inside your wallet
    You have anxiety over pregnancy
    So you bought this f**kin' pill for me
    Now it's Friday night and you're out
    My head's inside the toilet
    I love how you told me to calm down
    And I'm screamin' Hallelujah
    How could this happen to me
    I happen to be holdin' on
    I happen to be strong
    But I couldn't see it was happenin' to me all along
    In the silence