• Title:Bikini Body
  • Artist:Dawin;R. City
  • Album:Sunday
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Bikini Body - Dawin/R. City
    Written by:Theron Thomas/Sam Sumser/Sean Small/Dawin Polanco/Timothy Thomas
    Baby all I'm saying simple is better
    And the size don't matter you could wear whatever
    If the sun ain't shining let's light it up together
    Don't care what kind of shape you in
    Spin around show it off I'm OK with it
    Can't nobody touch you cause you hotter than a sauna
    Don't be hiding that body it's a gift from your mama
    Gift from your mama
    Baby it's your party you can do what you wanna
    You got it girl have faith in it
    The moves they got we breakin' 'em
    First things first you got it goin' on

    The smile on your face really gets me lost
    The world ain't a prison girl be free
    I'm just saying you should show off that bikini body
    Show it off girl show it off
    Get loose with it
    That that that bikini body
    Polka dot or stripe girl it really don't matter
    Cause if you sweet like candy I ain't lookin' at the wrapper
    The way you carry yourself girl got 'em all comin' at ya
    No time to feel uncomfortable
    Don't change cause you're untouchable yeah
    I remember you was summertime fine in December
    You were hot like a real bad temper
    Super bad girl I wonder who sent ya
    I remember had a playa fallin' down like timber
    How you twist and you bend so limber
    Every time you come around I gotta tell ya
    Go ahead and get loose
    Shake it shake it big bruce bruce
    And you can bring your home girl too
    Every single one of y'all come through
    In your polka dot bikini
    Take a teeny weeny
    Oh oh oh
    Shawty let me see it
    Dawin tell 'em
    Got it goin' on
    Gets me lost
    Girl be free