• Title:Players
  • Artist:Coi Leray
  • Album:Players
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Players - Coi Leray
    Lyrics by:Johnny Goldstein/Coi Leray/Akil King/Feli Ferraro
    Composed by:Johnny Goldstein/Coi Leray/Akil King/Feli Ferraro
    Cus girls is players too

    ******* getting money all around the world
    What you know about living on the top
    Penthouse suites looking down on the opps
    Took em for a test drive
    Left em on the lot
    Time is money so I spent I on a watch
    Lil titties showing thru the white tee
    You can see the thong busting out my tight jeans
    Rocks on my finger like a n***a wifed me
    Got another shawty she ain't nothing like me
    Bouta catch another flight
    The apple bottom make him wanna bite
    I just wanna have a good night
    Hold up
    If you don't know know you know
    If you broke then you gotta let him go
    You can have anybody enie miney moe
    Cus when you a boss you can do what you want
    I go on and on and on again
    He blowing up my phone
    But I'm ignoring him
    He thinkin he the one
    I got like 4 off him
    Yea I'm sitting first class
    Like valedictorian
    Came a long way from rag to riches
    5 star ***** yea I taste so delicious
    Let him lick the plate
    Yea I make him do the dishes
    Now he on the news talking
    Cus a ***** went missing