• Title:Way Back
  • Artist:Skrillex;PinkPantheress;Trippie Redd
  • Album:Way Back
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Way Back - Skrillex/PinkPantheress/Trippie Redd
    Call my brother oomp
    Coming from the cracks and the crevices

    Lookin' for a way back home
    Way back
    Bae I need your loving it's my medicine
    Medicine my meds
    I feel like I'm ******* talking to myself way back
    Today I really got to know my feelings very well
    When someone mentions love it's gotta do with you
    It's just a Sunday night I'm 'round at my address
    You need to give me time for me to look my part
    I'm so glad to meet just when you know who you are
    You start to look around the place and then things fall apart
    If I walk out my house the more you still feel listening
    'Cause I came to tell you
    I just walked ten miles and every stop along my journey
    I had wished that you might follow
    You were never there behind me
    I've got five minutes to cuff you
    And I'm still waitin' here for you
    When you enter out the shadows
    We can find our way together maybe
    Heart of gold way back
    I swear to God you got angel wings you're heaven sent
    Heaven sent
    I'm so glad to meet
    Just when you know who you are are are are are are