• Title:BABYDOLL (Speed)
  • Artist:Ari Abdul
  • Album:BABYDOLL (Speed) [Explicit]
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    BABYDOLL (Speed) - Ari Abdul
    Lyrics by:Arianna Abdul/Isabel LaRosa/Thomas LaRosa
    Composed by:Arianna Abdul/Isabel LaRosa/Thomas LaRosa
    Call me babydoll

    Darling I'm fallin'
    F**ked up over you
    Bite me bruise me
    Leave me like you do
    Darling I'm callin'
    Lay me in my tomb
    In my tomb
    Come break down these walls
    Don't leave me alone
    Too cold it's withdrawal
    This house ain't a home
    Oh father forgive me
    For all my sins
    When I meet your eyes
    The devil he wins
    Blinded by your lies
    But I play pretend
    Play pretend
    Wrapped around your finger
    Wish your tongue would linger
    I need your warmth
    Just to stay high
    Now you're holding me down
    I scream but make no sound
    Nothing to hold
    My hands are tied