• Title:A&W (Explicit)
  • Artist:Lana Del Rey
  • Album:A&W (Explicit)
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    A&W (Explicit) - Lana Del Rey (拉娜·德雷)
    Lyrics by:Lana Del Rey/Jack Antonoff
    Composed by:Lana Del Rey/Jack Antonoff
    I haven't done a cartwheel since I was nine

    I haven't seen my mother in a long long time
    I mean look at me
    Look at the length of my hair my face
    The shape of my body
    Do you really think I give a d**n
    What I do after years of just hearing them talking
    I say I live in Rosemead really I'm at the Ramada
    It doesn't really matter doesn't really really matter
    Call him up come into my bedroom
    Ended up we **** on the hotel floor
    It's not about having someone to love me anymore
    This is the experience of being an American w***e
    Called up one drunk called up another
    Forensic files wasn't on
    Watching Teenage Diary of a Girl
    Wondering what went wrong
    I'm a princess I'm divisive
    Ask me why I'm like this
    Maybe I'm just kinda like this
    I don't know maybe I'm just like this
    Call him up he comes over again
    Yeah I know I'm over my head but oh
    No this is the experience of being an American w***e
    I mean look at my hair
    Look at the length of it and the shape of my body
    If I told you that I was raped
    Do you really think that anybody would think I didn't ask for it
    Didn't ask for it
    Didn't testify already ****** up my story
    Top of this
    So many other things you can't believe
    Did you know a singer can still be lookin' like a side piece at thirty-three
    God's a charlatan don't look back babe
    Puts the shower on while he calls me
    Slips out the back door to talk to me
    I'm invisible look how you hold me
    I'm invisible I'm invisible
    I'm a ghost now look how you hold me now
    Oh okay
    Jimmy Jimmy cocoa puff Jimmy Jimmy ride
    Jimmy Jimmy cocoa puff Jimmy get me high
    Oh my God
    Love me if you love or not you can be my light
    Jimmy only love me when he wanna get high
    Your mom called I told her you're ******* up big time
    Jimmy you should switch it up baby light it up
    Jimmy if you leave the house find me in the club
    Jimmy if you switch it up you should light it up
    But I don't care baby I already lost my mind
    Jimmy if I lie it up find me in the club
    Mind mind