• Title:Light It Up
  • Artist:Robin Hustin;TobiMorrow;Jex
  • Album:Light It Up
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    Light It Up - Robin Hustin/TobiMorrow/Jex
    Composed by:Robin Hustin/Jordan Miller/Tobias Bödding
    Just like the street lights lit this town
    Like a fire in a blaze gotta burn it down
    Can't be afraid to live this out
    We got this far don't know how
    I see danger in your eyes
    They know we'll burn down the night
    Coming just like the sunrise
    You know that we gonna light it up
    Babe tonight we gonna light it up
    Just like the sunrise we gonna light it up

    Light it light it up
    We light it light it up
    Just like a spark that's breaking out
    Can't make it stop can't turn back now
    We know that's there no room for doubt
    No we can't turn back now