• Title:My Stupid Heart (Kids Version)
  • Artist:Walk Off the Earth;Luminati Suns
  • Album:My Stupid Heart (Kids Version)
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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    My Stupid Heart (Kids Version) - Walk Off the Earth/Luminati Suns
    Composed by:Gianni Luminati Nicassio/Jake Torrey/Lostboy/Michael Matosic/Sarah Blackwood/Tokyo Speirs
    Hey everybody
    My mom 'n dad made this new song called My Stupid Heart
    I'm gonna play it with my brothers
    Let's go
    My stupid heart
    Don't know
    I've tried to let you go
    So many times before
    Then wound up at your door
    My stupid
    Can't believe that I haven't figured out by now
    Every time I call you up
    All you do is let me down
    Should have known there was nothing about us I could change
    Every time we try to be friends it always ends the same
    But when I try to remember
    All the pain that we've been through
    Something in me says "whatever"
    And it brings me back to you
    Too late
    Already on my way
    If we go down in flames
    Again then you can blame my stupid heart heart heart
    Oh oh
    Again then you can blame my stupid heart
    Again then you can blame my stupid
    Every now and then I get inside my head
    Try to leave your text unread
    But I wind up here instead
    I should have bit my tongue while we were still ahead
    Yeah I always had to be right
    'Til we had nothing left
    You can blame my stupid heart