• Title:Lock Me Up
  • Artist:The Cab
  • Album:Lock Me Up
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    Lock Me Up - The Cab
    Composed by:John Newman
    Time to listen to my confession
    I'm much less than I wanted to be wanted to be
    You shine a light on my dark side
    But you don't care what you see
    Overjoyed over you overnight
    But that's what you do
    Why don't you lock me up with joy and kisses
    Lock me up with love
    Chain me to your heart's desire
    I don't want you to stop
    Lock me in and hold this moment never get enough
    Ain't no way I'm never breaking free
    Lock me up
    You don't analyse me
    'Cause you can see what I'm trying to be trying to be
    I've been lost
    And I've been blinded
    By all the things that I've seen
    Girl that's what you do
    So why don't you lock me up with joy and kisses
    Why don't you
    Why don't you lock me up