• Title:The House Of The Rising Sun
  • Artist:The Animals
  • Album:The Animals
  • KaraokeRate:2★
  • Languages:en
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    "The House Of The Rising Sun"
    The Animals

    There is
    A house
    In New Orleans,
    They call "The Rising Sun",
    And it's been
    The ruin
    Of many a poor boy!,
    And God,
    I know
    I'm one.
    My mother was a tailor!,
    She sewed my new blue jeans!,
    My father was
    A gamblin' man-
    -Down in New
    Now, the only thing a gambler needs!,
    Is a suitcase and a trunk!,
    And the only time he's
    Is when
    He's all
    (Organ Solo)
    Oh mother,
    Tell your children,
    Not to do what I have done!,
    Spend your lives
    In sin and misery!,
    In "The House
    Of The Rising Sun".
    Well, I got one foot on the platform!,
    The other foot on the train!,
    I'm goin' back to New Orleans!,
    To wear that ball
    And chain.
    Well, there is a house in New Orleans!,
    And it's been the ruin
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