• Title:13
  • Artist:LANY
  • Album:LANY
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    13 - LANY
    Written by:Jake Clifford Goss/Les Priest/Paul Klein
    It could change but this feels like like the calm before the storm

    Not that I don't wanna try but I've been here before
    Friends in town phone's at home I tell myself it's fine
    Can't remember how you taste slept alone too many nights
    Where did we go wrong I know we started out alright
    Where did we go wrong I swear I knew we'd last this time
    Where did we go wrong oh did you did you change your mind
    How could you change your mind
    Who got inside your mind
    Half my clothes are at your house and I don't want them back
    The smell of you is way too much not gonna put my heart through that
    I don't know how much time we got I don't know how much to say
    I don't know tell me
    What you want I want you to want me to stay
    La la la la la la la
    La la la la oh yeah
    Ooh ooh ooh