• Title:Still on a journey
  • Artist:Travis Japan
  • Album:Moving Pieces - EP
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en;ja
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  • Uploador:mashoon
  • TXT Lyric:

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    We take a step
    That makes a beautiful day
    Still on a journey
    Hello, good morning
    We're in the start of something wonderful to happen
    I can feel it
    I wanna thank you (thank you)
    For being here with me 今旅立つよ
    Yeah, yeah
    見上げた blue sky
    広がる fantasy
    Nothing to hold back
    It took forever to me
    But now I finally see
    今でも tryin'
    Going on a journey
    自由なままに 焦がれるままに
    何度も seek it
    (Ok?) we take a step
    It's amazing
    Yeah, yeah (yeah, yeah)
    These days I won't forget (won't forget)
    Surely, I won't regret
    そこには drama 溢れるから
    (Just the way you feel)
    見惚れた full moon
    夢追う energy (yeah)
    Have you beside me
    いつでも側に yeah!
    Breathe in and out you are free
    Dreams are ahead, guaranteed
    今でも flyin' (flyin')
    絶えず repeat it
    Yo, yeah
    風の breath, carry me away right now
    運命の wings, spread it out, fly to the sky
    テンポ合わせて groove, yeah, yeah
    We can not help it, gotta move, yeah, yeah
    溢れてる flow 波に乗せて we ride
    Until the sun goes down 届けよう my own sign
    I know you wanna roll
    Hold it tight now, journey to the dream! High!
    見慣れた rear view
    また I will see you here, whoa
    今でも tryin' (still tryin')
    Going on a journey (oh, oh)
    何度も seek it (seek it)
    Still on a journey (journey)
    Oh (yeah, yeah)
    Still on a journey (oh, oh, yeah)
    Oh (whoa, whoa, whoa)
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