• Title:The Bolter
  • Artist:Taylor Swift
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    The Bolter - Taylor Swift (泰勒·斯威夫特)
    Lyrics by:Aaron Dessner/Taylor Swift
    Composed by:Aaron Dessner/Taylor Swift
    Arranged by:Bryce Dessner
    Produced by:Aaron Dessner/Taylor Swift
    By all accounts she almost drowned
    When she was six in frigid water

    And I can confirm she made
    A curious child ever reviled
    By everyone except her own father
    With a quite bewitching face
    Splendidly selfish charmingly helpless
    Excellent fun till you get to know her
    Then she runs like it's a race
    Behind her back her best mates laughed
    And they nicknamed her The Bolter
    Started with a kiss
    Oh we must stop meeting like this
    But it always ends up with a town car speeding
    Out the drive one evening
    Ended with the slam of a door
    Then she'll call him a bore
    Wish he wouldn't be sore
    But as she was leaving
    It felt like breathing
    All her many lives
    Flashed before her eyes
    It feels like the time
    She fell through the ice
    Then came out alive
    He was a cad wanted her bad
    Just like any good trophy hunter
    And she liked the way it tastes
    Taming a bear making him care
    Watching him jump then pulling him under
    And at first blush this is fate
    When it's all roses portrait poses
    Central Park Lake in tiny rowboats
    What a charming Saturday
    That's when she sees the littlest leaks
    Down in the floorboards
    And she just knows
    She must bolt
    She's been many places with
    Men of many faces
    First they're off to the races
    And she's laughing drawin' aces
    But none of it is changin'
    That the chariot is waitin'
    Hearts are hers for the breakin'
    There's escape in escaping
    But she's got the best stories
    You can be sure
    That as she was leaving
    It felt like freedom
    And she realized