• Title:All Rise
  • Artist:Blue
  • Album:All Rise
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    Yo, yo
    Your honour please
    Gotta believe what I say (say)
    What I will tell (tell)
    Happened just the other day (day)
    I must confess (confess)
    'Cos I've had about enough (enough)
    I need your help (help)
    Got to make this here thing stop (stop)
    Baby I swear I tell the truth (uhuh)
    About all the things you used to do (come on)
    And if you thought you had me fooled (come on)
    I'm tellin' you now objection overruled
    Here we go (oh baby)
    One for the money and the free rides
    It's two for the lie that you denied
    All rise (all rise)
    All rise (all rise, all rise)
    Three for the calls you've been making
    It's four for the times you've been faking
    All rise (I'm gonna tell it to your face)
    All rise (I rest my case)
    You're on the stand (stand)
    With your back against the wall (wall)
    Nowhere to run (run)
    And nobody you can call (call) oh no
    I just can't wait (wait)
    Now the case is open wide (wide)
    You'll try to pray (pray)
    But the jury will decide (decide)
    (oh baby)
    So step back 'cos you don't know this cat
    I know deep down that you don't want me to react
    I lay low leaving all my options open
    The decision of the jury has not been spoken
    Step in my house you find that your stuff has gone (gone)
    But in reality to whom does the stuff belong
    I bring you into court to preach my order
    And you know that you overstep the border, uhuh
    All rise