• Title:Exhale
  • Artist:Whitney Houston
  • Album:Waiting for Exhale
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    Everyone falls in love sometime
    Sometimes it's wrong
    And sometimes it's right
    For every win
    Someone must fail
    But there comes a point when
    When we exhale (yeah, yeah, say)
    Shoop, Shoop, Shoop
    Shoo Be Doop Shoop Shoop (yeah)
    Shoo Be Doop Shoop Shoop
    (All you got to say is shoo be doop)
    (Shoo be doop)
    Shoo Be Doo
    Sometimes you'll laugh
    Sometimes you'll cry
    Life never tells us
    The when's or why's
    When you've got friends to wish you well
    You'll find a point when
    You wille exhale (yeah, yeah, say)
    (shoo shoo shoo huh)
    Shoo Be Doop Shoop Shoop (Shoo be)
    (say shoo-hoo say sho)
    Shoo Be Doo (be doo oh)
    Hearts are often broken
    When there are words unspoken
    In your soul there's
    Answers to your prayers
    If you're searching for
    A place you know
    A familiar face
    Somewhere to go
    You should look inside yourself
    You're halfway there