• Title:One More Chance
  • Artist:庾澄庆
  • Album:错过的爱
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    Lyrics:Neil Boisen

    My love for you will never die
    I found in you my dream come true

    Half of my life
    spent just waiting for tomorrow
    Wandering why
    My days were filled with sorrow
    You came along
    Showed me why my heart was aching
    Opened my eyes
    to the love I'd been forsaking
    Now you say you're leaving

    Deep in my heart
    I know I'll never find another
    Another love
    like the one we gave each other
    Used to believe
    We would always be together
    Until you said love can never last forever
    Now you want to leave

    If you feel that I'm mistreating you
    If I've let you down
    Can't we stop and talk it out
    Girl, I'm begging you to give me just one more chance