• Title:Stronger
  • Artist:Inez
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    Inez - Stronger

    once again I'm longing
    for your hungry touch
    picturing you on me
    I am missing you so much
    you turn on my imagination
    though you're far away
    and in my fantasy you crave my body
    I need you back to stay

    I've got my inside out and my headache won't stop
    I fail to not look back as I'm bouncing down the wrong track
    Half way up feels like going down
    but I am getting stronger and stronger
    uh oh uh oh uh oh
    but I am getting stronger and stronger…
    midnight turns to morning
    and I don't get no sleep
    I know that you are out there somewhere being
    someone else's treat
    your fingers know just how to please me
    and chills run down my spine
    and when you lick and spill your kisses
    I am shivering inside
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