• Title:Moonstruck
  • Artist:いとうかなこ
  • Album:Largo
  • KaraokeRate:1★
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    I remember when I found you that day
    bound together in misterious ways
    know what happened,magic?so to speak,
    something came to life
    you were singing softly in the rain
    I was lost under the cloud of gray
    something happened,magic?so to speak,
    colors came alive
    even the seven wonders of the world
    seems such an easy solve with you now
    Take me far away so far away
    from my heavy hearted days.
    and let it rain
    together we escape to the moonlit night
    let's forget the morning light
    and getaway now
    In your armw I'll be so strong
    hold me so tight I'llnever fall
    In your armw so I can,
    so I can smile tomorrow
    you didn't get the picture right away
    but you knew that it was me always
    you discovered me quite the same
    we were mirrors in a world of gray
    will be an easy solve with you now
    Take you far away so far away
    from the dark and sleepless nights
    away from the rain
    I'll hold you so you can be strong
    I'll set you free so you'll never fall
    Take you far away So far away
    In my arms so you can,
    so you can smile tomorrow
    away getaway now
    together we can be so strong
    together nothing can go wrong
    In your arms so we can,
    so we can make it tomorrow