• 標題:The Swallow (feat. Midories)
  • 歌手:YOASOBI (ヨアソビ);ミドリーズ
  • 專輯:The Swallow (feat. Midories)
  • 卡拉OK評級:1★
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    The Swallow (feat. Midories) - YOASOBI/ミドリーズ
    Composed by:Ayase/Konnie Aoki
    Here I make new meaning over these waters
    此时此刻 我似乎重新认识了这片无垠的海域
    Consumed and cut the clear wind as I soar
    飞过波光粼粼的海面 凉爽的海风将我裹挟
    To flap all wings as fast as I can take
    我竭力拍打双翅 快速飞过海面
    To my city there let's go
    去往我所属的城市 出发吧
    Soon beyond this ocean
    Yes I'm a small little swallow arriving upon a city
    是啊 我就是一只迁往温暖城市的候鸟
    There is something that I saw
    这些都是我亲身经历 亲眼所见
    That's full of joy I hear a few voices
    And sounds of worry and sorrow of other friends' voices
    We all have many different ways to be living lives we are in
    不同物种的我们 有着截然不同的生活方式
    Wanting to just protect without a time of noticing
    Why are we inflicting this pain on one another
    Under the same sky we live in
    要知道 我们生活在同一片天空之下啊
    Brought to the world every tall and small and all
    这世界有着形形色色的生灵 高矮强弱并不相同
    Many lives of color variety together we keep living
    With everyone we people and all the plants every bird and flower
    每一个人 每株植物 每只鸟儿还有每朵花儿
    Shoulder to shoulder just look around
    But in the world things we're always reaching for
    于这个世界 执着于我们的追逐
    And the new futures we're looking for are all such different tones
    而对于未来 我们却有着不同的步调 不同的畅想
    If we're able to keep going hand in hand
    We will be laughing and living together with a smile
    I'm thinking of what I can do to make it better now

    Back on the other side of fortune that's taken up by somebody
    Friends have lost locations a place to live and come home to
    朋友们失去居所 赖以生存的栖息地和归属的家园
    Only thing he wanted was to harmoniously
    Be living here together and just be
    在这个世界安静祥和的生活 就是这样
    Could not see anything overtaken by sorrow
    Shadows almost here to stain darker colors in my soul
    阴霾进驻 似乎为我的灵魂染上更深的色彩
    When you start to forgive and accept our differences
    We begin to make connection once again
    What could it be that we can be doing now
    Even if we couldn't change it all by doing everything we can
    Let it be known to somebody's day go on
    让大家都知道 未来仍有希望
    Bring a little bit of vibrancy in color to their world
    每个小小的存在 都为这世界增添一份耀眼的色彩
    We know it's far from a precious stone so bright
    It's nothing like any fine sheet of gold
    也并非是一片片金箔 就能改变现状
    But just as how we see if we could make our world
    Start overflowing with a subtle little piece of love
    所有人一点点的爱 就能丰盈整个世界
    Take notice what surrounds some changes you will see
    看看你的周遭 你会发现世界终会有所改变
    Under the same sky we live in one day it'll show
    生活在同一片蓝天下 终有一天你会明白
    So goes the story of small and little me holding a big dream
    小小的我怀揣着大大的梦想 简短的故事就这样拉开序幕