How to quickly make bilingual/multilingual/translated lyrics?

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2、How to specify specific fonts for lyrics of different languages?

3、How to integrate AutoLyric window with the player UI?

4、How to quickly make precise karaoke lyrics?

5、How to quickly make bilingual/multilingual/translated lyrics?

6、How to config and save fullscreen mode settings?


AutoLyric support bilingual/multilingual Lyric comparision-display with line-break, and karaoke at the same time.

If the first time-tags of two lines of lyrics are same, AutoLyric presumes those are bilingual/multilingual lyrics.

If you already have a English lyric, just put another language lyric in each row break, and then select "[tools]-[copy head time-tag of above line]", immediately a bilingual lyric will be done.There is a skill, you can choose "Compress lyrics" in toolbar, and then press the Enter key for each row to put the corresponding another language lyrics.

You could make precise karaoke for each line if you want.

After Autolyric 6.0, added the ability to recognize the lyrics language, the "language" attribute of the Bilingual lyrics use "||" Symbol Delimited language name, and you could select which lanuage to display.