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  • Title:End Of The World
  • Artist:Lenka
  • Album:Two
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    Lenka - The End Of The World

    At the end of the world
    I will be there with you
    And we'll throw a party to celebrate
    The things we used to do
    Like living life breathing air
    Running your fingers through my hair
    Oh this isn't fair
    I will hold you so close
    So we won't notice the destruction
    Of all we used to know
    We will close our eyes
    As the waters rise
    We'll float away and you will say
    "Oh, isn't this nice?"
    Ah, at the end of the world
    We'll be together, be together
    Ah, if I can spend it with you
    Then the end of the world don't matter
    Then the end of the world
    don't matter at all
    We will kiss for the last time
    And we won't feel the earth collapse into
    A mess of flood and fire
    We'll be making love
    As the sky above falls down over us
    We'll be the luckiest ones
    don't matter at all