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  • Title:Sad Song
  • Artist:Lenka
  • Album:Two
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    Lenka - Sad Song

    Don't tell me you wanna be
    The kind of girl who's drowning
    And don't be holding on to anything
    That's gonna keep you frowning darling
    Everyone's compelled to look into the mirror
    When they're crying
    Just because your tears are pretty
    Doesn't mean they'll get you by
    Sing me a sad song and make me feel better
    Sing me a happy song and I might start to cry
    Because everything feels like
    it's going around in circles
    And everyone knows that the world is upside down
    You were once a little baby
    Full of optimistic wonder
    So what got into you to make you think
    That it could pull you under honey
    Could it be that we were under
    The impression life was perfect
    And when the bubble burst
    We understood that every part of it hurts
    I'm going to color my glasses rose
    I'm going to follow where the rainbow goes
    And my pot of gold will be waiting