• Title:A Man Who Never Cries
  • Artist:Alan Jackson
  • Album:Where Have You Gone
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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  • Uploador:burney
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    A Man Who Never Cries - Alan Jackson

    I was lucky as a child
    Mama taught us right from wrong
    And how Jesus loves us all
    Though they barely did get by
    I never saw them cry
    They said when things get rough
    You gotta pick yourself up
    Now, the years have taken me
    Down a twisted crazy street
    At times I've drifted off
    The path that I should walk
    And Jesus helped me through some hard times
    My wife and children by my side
    I'm not perfect by a long mile
    No matter how I try
    But I've been blessed enough in my life
    To make up for any strife
    If you look closely deep in my eyes
    You might see a few happy tears
    From a man who never cries
    It's hard to let my feelings show
    The ones I love don't always know
    Like I'm leadin' my horse blind
    To a place that I can't find
    But I know I can't complain
    I've seen more sun than I have rain
    When I look at where I've come
    Who I am and what I've done, oh I know
    Jesus helped me through some hard times