• Title:Don't Close Your Eyes
  • Artist:Kix
  • Album:Blow My Fuse
  • KaraokeRate:1★
  • Languages:en
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  • Uploador:WarMachine666
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    " Don't Close Your Eyes "

    What you're doing out in the night time?,
    Why'd you call me on the phone?,
    Your mama can't solve your problem,
    When's daddy ever get home?,
    So you did your little move of the priiiiiiide,
    In the middle of a suicideeeeeee!
    Don't close your eyeees!,
    Don't close your eye-e-eeees!,
    Don't sing your last lulla-byyyyy!
    No one there to hold you,
    No one is your friend,
    You live life up and down, now,
    Nightmares on your brain,
    Another lonely way of hanging rouuuuuuund,
    Don't you take it falling down!, no-o!, no-oo!
    Hold on!, hold on tiiiight!,
    I'll make everything all right!,
    Wake up!, don't go asleeeeep!,
    I'll pray the Lord your soul to keeeeep!
    Don't close your eye-e-eeeees!,
    Don't sing your last lulla-byyyyyy!,
    Don't sing your last lulla-byyyyyyy!
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