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  • Title:Panda
  • Artist:Desiigner
  • Album:Panda
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    Panda - Desiigner

    I got broads in Atlanta
    Twisting dope lean and the fanta
    Credit cards and scammers
    Hitting off licks in the bando
    Black x6 phantom
    White x6 looks like a panda
    Going out like I'm montana
    Hundred killers hundred hammers
    White x6 panda
    Pockets swole-danny
    Selling bar-candy
    Man I'm the mocho like randy
    The choppa go oscar for grammy
    Bitch nigga pull up ya panty
    Hope you killas understand me
    Panda panda
    Panda panda panda panda panda panda panda panda
    Twisting dope lean and shit sipping fanta
    Credit cards and the scammers
    Wake up versace shit life desiigner
    Whole buncha lot of shit
    They be asking round town who be clappin' shit
    I be pullin' up stuff in the phantom ship
    I got plenty of stuff of bugatti whip look
    How I try this shit
    White x6 killing on camera
    Pop a perk I can't stand up
    Gorilla they come and kill you with bananas
    Four fillas they finna pull up in the phantom
    Know niggas they come and kill you on the camera
    Big rolly it dancing bigger than a pandie
    Go oscar for grammy bitch pull up your panty
    Fill up I'ma flip it I got bitches pull up
    And they get it
    I got niggas that counting for digits
    Say you make you alot of new money
    Know some niggas pull off and they in the rafe
    Ctd they pull off and they kill the bape
    Call up phillip phillip gone fill the bank niggas up
    In the bank we gone drill the bank fuck
    We gone kill the bank get it
    I got broads yea I get it
    I get broads yea I shitted
    This how I live it
    Did it all for a ticket
    Now flex drop bombs when he spin it
    And bobby gone trend it
    Jeff the don doing business
    Zana ray fucking up shit and she doing her bidnezz
    I be getting to the chicken
    Counting to the chicken
    And all of my niggas gone spilt it
    Panda panda panda panda panda panda
    Hundred killas hundred hammers
    Panda panda panda panda