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  • Title:Outside
  • Artist:Calvin Harris
  • Album:Motion
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    Outside - Ellie Goulding&Calvin Harris
    Look at what you've done
    Stand still, falling away from me
    When it takes so long,
    Fire's out, what do you want to be?
    I'm holdidng on,
    Myself was never enough for me
    Gotta be so strong
    There's a power in what you do,
    Now, every other day
    I'll be watching you
    Oh-oh, Oh-oh,
    Show you what it feels like,
    Now I'm on the outside
    We did everything right,
    Though you give me no reason
    For me to stay close to you,
    Tell me what lovers do
    How are we still breathing?
    It's never for us to choose,
    I'll be the strength in you.
    I'm holdidng on
    (I'm holdidng on)
    I'll show you what it feels like,
    Now I'm on the outside (eeeey)