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  • Title:Glasshouse
  • Artist:Abi F Jones
  • Album:From The Dark
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    作曲 : DWB/Tim Hawes/Obi Mhondera
    作词 : DWB/Tim Hawes/Obi Mhondera
    You’re looking in
    I’m looking out
    But you can’t hear me when I shout
    I take a breath, write a word
    A cry for help that can’t be heard
    The room turns cold and the
    letters fade, yeah
    I retreat again into the shell I’ve made
    Will you cut me to pieces? Rip me apart?
    Will you walk on the shards of my shattered heart?
    Leave my holy window stained with blood?
    Will you crucify me, and my will to love?
    In this glasshouse, glasshouse, oh oh
    In this glasshouse, glasshouse
    I take a step, cracks appear
    Strange shapes in a world of fear
    But I know, that I’ve got to escape
    You twisted things that I never meant
    The jury’s out but I’m innocent
    So I’m coming out, I’ll take the pain
    Don’t hold me now, Please let go
    Just let me fall apart,
    Let the lions take me as I am
    As I am oh
    Chorus (to finish)