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  • Title:Bang Bang
  • Artist:Green Day
  • Album:Revolution Radio
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    This is definitely not the first video to surface of an execution. ...of men, they claimed responsibility for the executions
    Described as severely mentally disturbed
    Videos show another hostage executed by the terrorist group
    Deserve to be annihilated
    I get my kicks and I wanna start a rager
    I wanna dance like I'm on the video
    I got a fever for the violent behavior
    I'm sweatin' bullets like a modern Romeo
    Bang, bang, give me fame
    Shoot me up to entertain
    I am a semi-automatic lonely boy
    You're dead, I'm well fed
    Give me death or give me head
    Daddy's little psycho and mommy's little soldier
    I testify like a lullaby of memories
    Broadcasting live and it's on my radio
    I got my photobomb, I got my Vietnam
    I love a lie just like anybody else
    Broadcasting from my room and playin' with my toys
    I wanna be a celebrity martyr
    The leading man in my own private drama
    Hoorah, bang, bang, hoorah, bang, bang, the hero of the hour
    I wanna be like the soldiers on the screen
    It's my private movie (Holy War)
    Oh baby, baby, this is Viva Vendetta
    Oh this is love or it's World War Zero