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  • Title:Somewhere Now
  • Artist:Green Day
  • Album:Revolution Radio
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    I'm running late to somewhere now
    That I don't want to be
    Where the future and promises ain't what it used to be
    I never wanted to compromise or bargain with my soul
    How did a life on the wild side... ever get so dull?

    All grown up and medicated
    I'm high on cellular waves
    I put the "riot" in PatRiot
    And we all die in threes
    I got a seat in the middle of the road
    I'm gonna take my time
    I shop online so I can vote
    At the speed of life
    I'm like a drone way up in the sky
    I'm a shooting star
    There's a soldier that's freaking out
    P.S. this is war
    All we want is money and guns
    A new catastrophe
    Here goes nothing when there's nothing to lose
    It's a small price we pay
    When we all die in threes
    Somewhere now
    Hallelujah! I found my soul
    Under the sofa pillows
    Congratulations, I found myself