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  • Title:Too Dumb to Die
  • Artist:Green Day
  • Album:Revolution Radio
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    Oh, oh I love you
    Oh, oh I do
    I got a sentimental illness for you
    Please don't go away, oh yeah

    I was a high school atom bomb
    Going off on the weekends
    Smoking dope and mowing lawns
    And I hated all the new trends
    Me and my friends sang:
    "Woah! Here's to the middle of the road!
    At least it's better than here"
    Looking for a cause
    But all I got was Santa Claus
    I'm hanging on a dream that's too dumb to die
    I feel like a cello
    Lost somewhere over the rainbow
    Way up high, too scared to dream
    But too dumb to die
    My daddy always was on strike
    Going off with the teamsters
    He said that "Everything will be alright...
    Not every Sunday can be Easter"
    The picket line screamed:
    "Woah!" Don't cross
    Don't cross the line because you'll be a scab, not a martyr!"
    But all I got was camouflage
    Way up high
    Too scared to dream
    But too dumb to... uhm... yeah..